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Monday, October 17, 2016

New Exec! Again!

Hello everyone,
Alas, my short-lived tenure as the Historian of Shakespeare in the Dark is coming to a close. After lots of internal shuffling, we are very proud to announce our finalized Executive Board for the 2016-2017 year:

President: Garrett Chatlin
Vice President/Publicity Chair: Rachel Kilgore
Secretary: Becca Symmes
Treasurer: Alex Poirier
Historian: Andrew Brockmeyer
Social Chair: Katie Ault

So farewell (at least in this digitized form), and welcome to Andrew as he takes over the blog posts!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fall Show 2016 Cast Announcement!

Hello everyone! As mentioned in the previous post, SitD is putting on Hamlet for the first show of our 20th season. We are now delighted to announce the cast for Hamlet:

Joseph Allan -- Francisco/Fortinbras
Andrew Brockmeyer -- Voltimand/Gravedigger
Cosmo Cothran-Bray -- Hamlet
Adam Howard  -- Laertes
Jeremy Lawrence -- Claudius/Ghost
Sarah Marksteiner -- Ophelia
Brennan McCray -- Bernardo/Ensemble
Ellie Moonan -- Horatio
Jesse Pollack -- Rosencrantz
Sydney Powell -- Marcellus/Ensemble
Rick Stevenson -- Polonius/Osric
Becca Symmes -- Gertrude
Ryan Vaughn -- Guildenstern

The show will go up Sunday October 30th-Tuesday November 1st, in the Commonwealth Auditorium.
We are very excited for the coming weeks as we prepare to make our first show of the season!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall 2016 Show Announcement!

Congratulations to Shakespeare in the Dark's autumn production,  Hamlet. 

Auditions are September 21st and 22nd in Washington 201 from (8-12 pm).
Callbacks are September 23rd in Washington 201 from (3-6pm).
Sides will be provided, while classical monologues approximately 10-14 lines are also welcome.

If you'd like to get involved in a technical capacity, contact shakespeare@email.wm.edu.  Let us know in what way you want to help!  The directors will reach out to you to let you know their needs and the time commitment involved.

The Crew-
Directors: Garrett Chatlin and Brian Bruno
Consulting Director: Molly Earner
Stage Manager: Rachel Kilgore
Fight Choreography: Cosmo Cothran-Bray
Costume Consultant: Erin Wiggins
Publicity: Elizabeth Flatt
ASM - Open

The Cast-

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Welcome, New Exec, and Dates!

Hello everybody! For those of you returning back to campus, welcome back (and for our new freshmen, welcome)!
We're back into the swing of things and the 2016-2017 season is coming up fast. Here is some important information for those of you interested in SitD this year:

First off, the new Executive Board for 2016-2017:
President: Shawn Gardner
Vice President/Historian: Garrett Chatlin
Secretary: Becca Symmes
Treasurer: Alex Poirer
Publicity Chair: Rachel Kilgore
Social Chair: Katie Ault

Congratulations to these wonderful folks as they prepare for the upcoming year.

Now for some dates:
Monday, September 5th: General Interest Meeting! Pizza and information galore, as well as some fun games. 7:00pm in Washington 301. 
Saturday, September 10th: Movie Night #1! Come by for a showing of a Shakespeare (or Shakespeare related/derived) film. Food will be present here as well. Stay tuned for updates on what movies we are considering. 5:00pm in TBD location. 
Monday, September 19th: Proposal Meeting! If you're looking to propose a show for the Fall season, this is the deadline. If you don't know what this means, come to the first meeting to get details!

Lastly, we'd like to recognize and celebrate the fact that this is SitD's 20th season. This year we hope to reflect on 20 years of classical theater and look to make this year an especially memorable one.

That's all for now, see you guys on the 5th!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Show 2016

Much Ado About Nothing

Performance Dates: April 17th, 18th, 19th (2016)
Author: William Shakespeare
Published: 1623 (First Folio)

Top (Left to Right): Leonato, Antonio
Middle (Left to Right): Don Pedro, Hero, Claudio
Bottom (Left to Right): Benedick, Beatrice

Directors -- Shawn Gardner and Rachel Kilgore
Stage Manager -- Maddie Gaetano
Assistant Stage Manager -- Madison Hauser
Costumes/Hair/Makeup -- Kirsten Koch
Composer/Musical Consultant -- Michael Sparrow
Choreographer/Dance Consultant -- Erin Girven
Publicity -- Rebecca Solitar
Pianist  -- Steven Roach
Saxifonist -- Patrick Poehalios

Benedick -- Zach Hurst
Beatrice -- Gillian Giudice
Claudio -- Garrett Chatlin
Hero -- Maddy Wheeler
Don John -- Emily Flack
Boracio -- Allison Greenday
Conrade -- Brian Bruno
Don Pedro -- Katie Ault
Dogberry -- Jimmy Cooper
Verges -- Alex Poirier
Leonato -- Jesse Pollack
Margaret/Sexton -- Elizabeth Dannenfelser
Friar Frances/Watchman 1 -- Sarah Marksteiner
Ursula/Watchman 2 -- Olivia Thomas
Antonio/Watchman 3 -- Becca Symmes

     Set in a post-WWII jazz hall.  Plays on themes of feminine power and authority, as well as drawing attention to the varying and changing roles of women during this era.  Music is used throughout to emphasize parts of the show, character relationships, or as a tool to provide an emotional background to our idea for the interpretation of how a specific character should be represented in this context.

Director's Note
Much Ado About Nothing written between 1598 and 1599, continues to be one of Shakespeare’s most popular works.  The show plays on themes of gender roles, mistaken identity, gossip, warfare, and deception.  The main couple, Benedick and Beatrice are both confirmed to never marry.  Their sarcastic banter gives us some of the most iconic lines in Shakespeare’s repertoire.   Through clever gossip and deception, Don Pedro contrives to bring Benedick and Beatrice together in love, a ruse which in the end reveals their true affection for one another. Meanwhile, Claudio and Hero are far too quick to jump into marriage, giving the villainous Don John an opportunity to call doubt upon their wedding.  In the end Don John’s plot is revealed, all culminating in classic and iconic double wedding scene.

Our adaptation, placed in a post-World War Two jazz hall, allows us to play with themes of female empowerment and the role of returning soldiers in post-war America.  We herein portray Claudio and Benedick as returned soldiers attempting to find a way to re-integrate into a society that has been shaken up by war-time reforms.  Beatrice, who has always been a figure of a powerful woman, is played against her cousin Hero, who here typifies the role of a 1940’s housewife.  In addition to this, we see another type of feminine independent power exemplified in Don John and Don Pedro, who individually use their influence to bring about an end which they desire -- to varying degrees of success.

Pre-Show Podcast by Lydia House

Top (Left to Right): Leonato, Antonio
Bottom (Left to Right): Leonato, Don Pedro, Antonio

Top: Benedick
Bottom (Left to Right): Benedick, Beatrice

Top (Left to Right): Claudio, Hero
Bottom (Left to Right): Hero, Claudio

Top: Watchman 1
Middle: Verges
Bottom (Left to Right): Verges, Dogberry

Top: Don John
Bottom (Left to Right): Conrade, Don John, Boracio

Top (Left to Right): Margaret, Ursula
Bottom (Left to Right): Margaret, Ursula

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Goodbye and Hello

So long, farewell, I'm going away for awhile. The shiny newly minted Shawn Gardner will take over the blog and facebook page this coming spring.  I hope that everyone at home and abroad is resting and reviving themselves.  It's been a hard year for many of us.  I wish I knew for a fact that the coming year will be easy, but I don't.  I do know that I've seen a tremendous show of strength, courage and good humor from you all this year. Whatever happens, I have faith in you to meet the new year with stalwart resilience.  You are equipped.

As I hand over the reigns to Shawn, I wanted to mention once more how honored I am by your friendship and fellowship.  Shakespeare in the Dark is my treasure.  Every artist and friend that this club has produced is a treasure.  I know that you will do extraordinary things in spring 2016, in all areas of your life. For the moment, continue to rest.  Even if you feel bored and listless.  There will be plenty of time to strive, innovate, and overwork yourselves later.  So for now, ease back into the lull.  Allow yourself to live in this pause between what was and what will be. Keep breathing. You have what it takes.  Trust me. For now, rest and pause on the threshold of the new year.

Love from an almost abroad,

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Two Noble Kinsmen

Full Show Video

Cast List

Palamon Aberdeen Bowman
 Molly Earner
 Barclay Sparrow
 Jimmy Cooper
 Becca Symmes
 Ryan Vaughn
 Rae Mischel Thompson-Cooper
Jailer's Daughter
 Shawn Gardner
 Garrett Chatlin
 Kaite Ault
                  Andrew Brockmeyer
                  Brian Bruno
                  Sara Franklin-Gillette
                  Naomi Kasonga 
                  Kirsten Koch
                  Alexandra Poirier

Ambiguously modern setting.  Main themes revolve around the choice to cast women in the primary roles.  While for the most part the show treats the implied underlying lesbian subtext as a non-issue, the approach that some characters such as Hippolyta and the Jailer take to this issue exemplify where the world is today with queer issues: generally accepting of the idea, but mostly uncomfortable with the reality.

While it is unclear whether Two Noble Kinsmen is a comedy, tragedy, romance, or really any other clear genre from the text, due to the fact that our fall show was Julius Caesar, which dealt with some really heavy themes, we chose to take a more comedic route with our interpretation as a general rule.

After show podcast by Lydia House