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First Meeting
Monday, August 31st at 7 pm in Washington 301

Fall Show Proposals Due
Friday, September 11th at midnight
Emailed to

Voting Meeting
Monday, September 14th at 7 pm in Washington 301

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Important Dates

The school year is officially underway and so is SitD. Here is what you need to know to make all your dreams come true:

Interest Meeting is August 31st at 7pm in Washington 301

Show Proposals are due Septermber 11th at midnight (emailed to

Voting Meeting is September 14th at 7pm in Washington 301*

Auditions are the same week as the voting meeting, dates at the discretion of the director.

For anyone interested in production or proposing a show, here are some pointers.
If you have a vision for a particular play but do not want to direct it yourself, find someone to direct it FOR you.  Ask around the membership at our first meeting; mingle, chat, and get to know your prospective artistic buddies. 
If you DO want to direct, try to find a friend (or interesting and friendly stranger) to support you.  A proposal is certainly strengthened if the director already has a stage manager and prospective designers (costumes and scenic especially) . 
If you are hesitant to direct a show on your own, seek out a partner.  Production processes led by a team can be very successful and rewarding (also less stressful).  See if anyone is in the market for an assistant director, perhaps an older member of the group.  You can pick up a lot of helpful knowledge by ADing that will reveal how you want to run another show in the future.

*In order to vote, you must pay DUES.  Dues for the semester are $5 or $7 for the year.

We are sooo looking forward to meeting everyone on Monday!  Until then, I remain faithfully yours,

Billy Shagsbear

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Welcome One and All

To all returning students, welcome back! To those of you arriving on campus for the first time, I shake you warmly by the hand.  Welcome to the blogspot for Shakespeare in the Dark (SitD).

Here you will find tidbits about the Bard, his plays and culture that occasionally are birthed from my brain. This is also where you can find information about our show decisions, cast lists, and show publicity.

Check us out on Facebook and on Tumblr as well!

Each year, SitD performs three classical shows.  They are not always Shakespearean.  All paying dues members can vote on what shows we perform.  The options are classical, meaning Greek, Elizabethan, or Jacobean. Sometimes this definition extends to shows that draw heavily from these dramatic traditions, like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.

Look to this site for the date of our voting meetings when we elect our fall show.  In order to vote, you must pay dues to the treasurer before the voting meeting.

Check out the archives to see our previous seasons! Unfortunately, shows that we have produced since the fall of 2012 are not eligible for proposal.  So all of you who have your hearts set on doing Coriolanus this year, you're fresh out of luck! Take a look at the shows and start concocting play proposals.

Speaking of proposals, check out our "Tips for Proposing a Show" link.  Even if you are new to SitD, you can play as large (or as small) of a role as you want in the play production process.  There have been freshmen directors, stage managers, leads, etc etc.  If you have passion, bring it to the table!

Come say hi to us, the lovely executive staff, at the activities fair! We have nice smiles and good brains, we make good friends!

Welcome home everybody.

Kit Kat Paddy-Wack Marlowe

Monday, May 4, 2015

Finals Week and the Virtue of "Success"

Here's a little ditty to cheer up your finals week, my brothers in Shakespearean crime.  When you look around in SWEM, you may see stress, fear, tension, and a desperate drive to succeed and please.  It is at times like this, that I look backward in time to William Shakespeare for guidance.

Remember: we know very little about him.

The only reason we revere him is because of a few plays that were preserved in an accident of history. Shakespeare himself didn't seem too concerned with posterity knowing about him.  He didn't supervise the publication of his plays as quartos (evinced by the redunkulous misprints) and didn't publish some at all (like Macbeth).  His buddies, Condell and Heminge, published the First Folio without Will's prompting, knowledge, or help (he was dead at the time).

Even then, he wasn't the greatest of all Elizabethan playwrights.  Marlowe, arguably, reached an artistic maturity before Shakespeare.  When our Billy Shakes was writing Two Gents and the Henry VI trilogy, Marlow was writing Tamburlaine and the Jew of Malta.

 Had Marlowe not died as young as he did, who knows where his career would have gone? Maybe Shakespeare wouldn't be the uncontested "great" of the Elizabethan drama outpouring.

The point is, Shakespeare's "greatness" hinged on a lot of weird factors outside of his control.

Yes, he is smooth and sexy.  Yes, he is bold and crass.  Yes, he has a way with words, words words.  Yes, he is indelibly integrated into almost everything written in the English language. But it might have been otherwise.  And this does not negate his brilliance.

Shakespeare could have been the most brilliant English writer that the world never knew about.  Enjoyed only by the dirty and dying rabble living south of the Thames.

Maybe no one will know or care about who we are and what we did here at W&M.  Maybe no one will remember our shows.

But I think our shows are ballsy, innovative, and in the spirit of true Elizabethan theater (slightly ratchet and damn good fun).

Keep creating.  Do what makes you quiver with excitement and sputter inarticulately with joy.
Yes, study and work.  But "succeeding" isn't always as indispensable as we think

Remember, even Shakespeare produced shitty work from time to time.

Monday, April 27, 2015

2015-2016 Officers Elected

Welcome to the NEW Shakespeare in the Dark Officers!

President- Molly Earner
Vice President- Zach Hurst
Secretary- Kat Knoerl
Treasurer- Isabel Steven
Historian/Webmaster- Isabelle Baucum
Publicity- Max Sorger

They are beauty. They are grace. They are Miss United States. And I cannot wait to spend next year with them.  Thank you to the retiring (and returning) executive members of the 2014-2015 school year: 

Supreme Commander (President)- Jason Via
Wannabe Overlord (Vice President)- Paul Soutter
Keeper of Keys/Minutes and Sanity (Secretary)- Kat Knoerl
DAS MONEE Pimp (Treasurer)- Bethany Bennett
Ehh (Historian/Webmaster)- *me*
Queen Bee of Socialness (Social)- Zach Hurst
Grand Poster Maker/Word Spreader (Publicity)- Max Sorger/Molly Earner

We did a great job. I love us. 
We are beautiful.  We are fierce.  We are SitD.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Buzzfeed Article: Kanye and Caesar/Cleopatra

This is just for fun. Hope it brings a smile dear viewers. I hope that this inspires some of you to consider Antony and Cleopatra for next's really hot.

Kanye West Lyrics Perfectly Describe The Story of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Update about SitD Exec Elections

Statements of Intent are due by midnight Friday (4/24). This should include the position you are running for and a brief rationale of your qualifications. Please email them to .  Elections will be held on Monday (4/27). Time and location TBA.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Our theatre community at The College of William and Mary suffered a loss this week.  The next few days will be dedicated to remembering Paul Soutter. He was a fine ass Poins, a little shit of a Malcolm, a fierce Earl of Douglas, a bloodthirsty Murderer Number 2, and (ever adaptable as an actor) Gower, Ely, and Bardolph all at once.  The list of your contributions to SitD and William and Mary are too long to recount here. We will all miss the astounding actor, technician, club officer, and (most importantly) friend that you were. 
Rest easy friend.